British Network Members

The Scythe Association (of Britain & Ireland)

The Scythe Association (of Britain and Ireland) was formed in 2011, only 2000 years after the arrival of the scythe on the shores of the British Isles…

The aims of The Scythe Association are:

  • To promote the use of the scythe throughout Britain
  • To improve mowing skills through training and the broadcast of information
  • To promote the advantages of the scythe to government, local authorities and national organizations
  • To enhance communication amongst mowers and between mowers and landowners and other sectors
  • To promote the study of the history of the scythe and allied technologies
  • To maintain standards of manufacture and supply of scythes and ancilliary equipment

The Scythe Shop

Simon Fairly - the runner of The Scythe Shop, started the revival of scything in the UK about 20 years ago. The art of scything has been lost in the British Isles and his aim is to revive it.

He imports Austrian Scythe blades and all the other articles necessary for comfortable traditional mowing and gives courses for all classes.

One of his main events is the yearly organized scythe festival at Thorney Lakes, Muchelney, Somerset with very interesting workshops and a lot of other surrounding program. More info about that event at: Scything Festivals & Competitions