Canadian Network Members


Scythe Connection LogoPeter VidoPETER VIDO - the founder of our scythe network!

He is a great visionary and a truthful idealist, running 'scythe connection' the most  comprehensive scythe related website.

He speaks English, German and Slovakian and he teaches courses and sells high quality scythe stuff to Canada (mostly Eastern Canada) and the USA. 

Scythe works logoAlexander Vido ScytheWorks, a sort of 'sister company' to ScytheConnection, but operated independently by Peter Vido´s brother Alexander,  provides a service that comes closest to the once-upon-a-time vision of what a seriously good scythe retail could be....but hasn't been.

Located in Victoria, BC, Canada, Scythe Works has a complete offering of European Scythes, Scythe Blades, Scything accessories, and other human powered tools.

Scythe Works also offers online instructional materials and local scything workshops on Vancouver Island.